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Re: VMs: semiotics & vms: homepage

Hi Gabriele,

>>Pretty. But does it mean anything?
>No, not really. But it might help Gabriele get an A. :-)

:-)) I can't believe this, Nick... serendipity! :-)) I've just spent my
afternoon building a more complex version of the schema you posted!... my
dear Hjelmslev :-)

Of course, I'd point out that "[t]hings should be made as simple as possible -- but no simpler." Although another way of phrasing Einstein's famous dictum is "I prefer my simplistic nonsense to your over-complicated nonsense". :-)

So, be careful of what I say! Even though I am skeptical of post-structuralism (which is (kind of) skeptical about structuralism, and hence about Hjelmslev in particular), that doesn't make me an ally of structuralism - it just means I can make informed guesses about what will get you a high grade. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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