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Re: VMs: Mad Kircher, was (lots)

--- Seth Morabito <sethm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Don Latham wrote:
> > I agree with Rene. If it was a hoax, where's the
> > historical horselaugh?  ...
> Do you mean specifically a hoax perpetrated against
> Kircher, or a hoax 
> *in general*?  For the general case, the evidence
> from the Kircher 
> letter itself points to a 600 ducat profit to
> whomever sold it to Rudolf 
> II.  That certainly seems like a healthy dose of
> evidence, and reason 
> enough not to be very public about its creation.

I was specifically thinking about the hoax to
fool Kircher. While there is at least one precedent,
there are far more precedents of honest mysteries
being sent to Kircher waiting for his solution.

Most importantly though, the person who sent the
MS to Kircher could not have been the perpetrator.
The only one could have been Baresch, but he 
never sent it, and even left it in his will
to Marci.

Cheers, Rene

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