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Re: VMs: I have stunned myself

Hi Jeff,

At 01:52 09/11/2003 +0000, Jeff wrote:
This is the latest to come out of the VMS. DOES ANYONE RECOGNIZE

Nope, sorry. :-(

For the first time vowel placement appears to be even. I do not know if all
the letter placements are right but it looks like a language!!!!

ISTM that your working hypothesis is that the VMs is a monoalphabetic cipher of a single-language plaintext, which I'm 99% certainly is not the case. My best understanding of the VMs' system is that it contains a verbose cipher *designed to look like a language (but without actually being one)*. The creature on your shoulder may bark like a dog, but it's actually a parrot. :-)


Anyone like to make any comments?

It also appears (from the double letters) that you are using EVA as source material for your code-breaking, which is not what it was intended for at all - it was actually intended to be a representation-neutral transcription, regexp-transformable into your glyph-set of choice. If I vvere l-o vvrite a seriterice iri a strolce forrri of eriojlislri, it rriiojht loolc lilce tlriis. :-)

c?ee??, ....nic? ?ellin?....

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