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VMs: Wellcome Institute Library MS 337...?

Hi everyone,

May I ask if anyone here has examined Wellcome MS337 (in London)? This is a mid-16th Century Venetian alchemical herbal, mentioned briefly by Philip Neal on his Freeserve site:-

The Wellcome website's description adds:-
	Herbal in Italian. With an added collection of alchemical receipts
	and iatro-chemical remedies: also notes on conception,
	pregnancy, and astrology by Luigi Dardano. Written by various
	hands. Twelve leaves containing the alchemical receipts, etc.
	have been bound in between fol. 31 and fol. 32. There are 56
	ll. containing water-colour drawings of medicinal plants. These
	are of a crude type, in the style of the early printed herbals:
	some have grotesque heads and faces included in the design.
	Each has a short description in Italian. The Index is on fol. 31
	and fol. 32: it contains entries for the missing ff. 61, 62.
	Dardano's work is found on the versos of ff. 35-38, 40, 41, 43:
	at the end (fol. 43v) is a note 'Tutta l'antedetta dottrina e di
	Luigi Dardano Gran Canceliero del Senato Vinitiano'.

FWIW, the Beinecke Library also lists "Luigi Dardano, La bella e dotta difesa delle donne (Venice: Bartholomeo detto l'Imperatore) 1554"... but (according to Google) that seems to be just about it for "Luigi Dardano". :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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