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VMs: Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 23:07:13 -0000

As a matter of curiosity I did a letter count scan of 1550 Italian and the
decryption method I am using with the current implementation of the table.
The vowels are out but the table is not even half filled yet so some empty
spaces might also contain vowels. However the position of the e is not very
promising. Although the vowels do group well even if in the wrong order. The
letter u falls lower in the table in both which is what I would expect.

Not all consonants are represented and I have probably either made the wrong
substitutions or the blanks will fill them in as it fills up.

1550 Italian

e 1268
i 1044
a 928
o 846
t 645
l 639
r 595
n 588
s 458
c 408
d 397
u 307
m 279
p 245
g 168
v 120
h 116
f 87
z 80
q 72
b 70

VMS decode attempt

i 233
a 216
e 209
l 187
o 101
s 99
c 75
d 59
m 57
n 53
u 34
t 27
h 23
r 19
p 8

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