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Re: VMs: Four column model/paradigm...

Nick Pelling incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote

> Hi everyone,
> At 14:21 15/11/2003 +0000, I wrote:
> >         http://www.nickpelling.com/voynich/fourcolumns.gif
> >
> >I haven't yet worked out how many VMs-like words this model should
> >generate - with all the possible permutations of paths, it's not the kind
> >of thing you'd want to be calculating in our head.
> My back-of-envelope calculations say it should generate 732 different
> Voynichese-like words. However, it was only based on f78r: my next step
> ought to be to refine it (especially the inelegant <e|ee> / <ckh|cth>
> tangle in the middle) and to look at differences between Language A and B.
> All suggestions for refinements gratefully received! :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

The blue box on the right should include l as well as ly as in 'ykal' which
does not terminate woth y. But it is a great effort and I will be trying to
see how it would effect my method. Is it possible to elaborate on the
methods used to guess the contents of the red boxes?


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