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Re: VMs: Four column model/paradigm...

Nick Pelling wrote:
> I've developed my "four column" model (from f78r) into something more
> substantial: here's a diagram of a Markov model which explains what I'm
> thinking...
>          http://www.nickpelling.com/voynich/fourcolumns.gif
> Each box represents a Markov state, starting with [Start] and ending with
> [End].

	Very interesting.  It's largely consistent with the
two paradigms I 
quoted.  I haven't got to look at Stolfi's
crust-core-mantle, but it probably is.  Your idea is
really more sophisticated.

	There still aren't many constituent verbose cipher
elements.  I'm not familiar with shorthand systems,
modern, Tironian notae, or in-between.   I believe
modern systems contain a fair number of glyphs, say
~300-400.  Am I right?  

	One could regard the two older Voynichese paradigms as
squares, roughly 20x20.  Are you thinking the
underlying shorthand elements are items in such a grid?
(Of course, your system isn't as simple as a grid, but
even with the older paradigms, there are a lot of empty
spaces in the grids.  You're trying to eliminate these
empty spaces.)  

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