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Re: VMs: Strange pattern (key?)

Hi Jeff & Larry,

>>> jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/16/03 02:49PM >>>
Observe the following taken from the VMS. Whenever a word begins with the T
glyph it is followed shortly by a word with the P glyph. Either on the same
line or at some point shortly after. Could be the next page even.
Let's look at these words in isolation:
I cannot account for this effect being merely a product
of shorthand or a verbose cipher. These words are definately linked.

Sorry Jeff, but this is a pretty thin-looking claim. Really, you'd need to find more than two pairs of words with something vaguely in common to claim a VMs-related pattern of some sort. :-(

At 14:25 17/11/2003 -0500, Larry Roux wrote:
I am fairly certain that a leading "p" (ie in the left column) is a paragraph start marker and a leading "t" is a sentence marker.

Well... look at (for example) f26v and tell me what you make of that. f26r also displays both the "paragraph-initial" property and the "all kinds of monkey business on the top line of a page" property. Every time you devise a model for how the VMs works, you'll immediately find plenty of pages which it fails to fit - but why is that? How can that be? How could someone have devised a language system (whether ciphered or not) without a repeatable template to work to?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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