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Re: VMs: Strange pattern (key?)

Hi Jacques,

At 14:16 18/11/2003 +1000, Jacques Guy wrote:
As once again repeated in a recent post, there is a repeatable
template, which accounts for some (from memory) 80% of the

And there's the mystery: Markov-like combinatorial templates which our VMs word-paradigms typically describe might make sense for an artificial numbering system, or perhaps even a way of traversing some kind of mnemonic tree of knowledge - but does they really describe language behaviour?

IMO, there appear to be two separate kinds of language in the VMs:-
(1) the kind predicted by VMs word paradigms (I'm not sure whether this is 80%, though).
(2) the residue, which often seems strangely inconsistent

My suspicion is that VMs word-paradigms probably account for a large set of stylised / systematic abbreviations, while the residue accounts for everything else. Perhaps the most useful feature of word-paradigms might be highlighting blocks of text in pages which seem incongruous - I'd guess that the latter might prove innately more "crackable" than the former...

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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