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VMs: Fw: Strange pattern (key?)

As promised the EVA page numbers for the posted EVA below. All this on the

From: "Jeff" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Observe the following taken from the VMS. Whenever a word begins with the
> glyph it is followed shortly by a word with the P glyph. Either on the
> line or at some point shortly after. Could be the next page even.
> I have split the text at the relevant points. Note that the preceding t
> has the same number of EVA characters as the p word. Also they both have
> certain letters in common. Almost suggesting these sections are linked by
> complimentary key.

F3r.p start

> tsheos.qopal.chol.cthol.daimm
> ycheor.chor.dam.qotcham.cham
> ochor.qocheor.chol.daiin.cthy
> schey.chor.chal.cham.cham.cho
> qokol.chololy.s.cham.cthol
> ychtaiin.chor.cthom.otal.dam
> otchol.qodaiin.chom.shom.damo
> ysheor.chor.chol.oky.damo
> ydas.chol.cthom
> pcheol.shol.sols.sheol.shey
> okadaiin.qokchor.qoschodam.octhy
> qokeey.qot.shey.qokody.qokchey.cheody
> chor.qodair.okeey.qokeey
> tsheoarom.shor.or.chor.olchsy.chom.otchom.oporar
> oteol.chol.s.cheol.ekshy.qokeom.qokol.daiin.soleeg
> soeom.okeom.yteody.qokeeo.dal.sam
> pcheoldom.shodaiin.qopchor.qopol.opchol.qoty.otolom
> otchor.ol.cheor.qoeor.dair.qoteol.qosaiin.chor.cthy
> ycheor.chol.odaiin.chol.s.aiin.okol!or.am

F3r.p end

> koaiin.cphor.qotoy.sha.ckhol.ykoaiin.s.oly
> Let's look at these words in isolation:
> tsheos
> pcheol
> tsheoarom
> pcheoldom
> The h appears static, as does the e, o and m. Could these anchor words be
> the key to the VMS. I cannot account for this effect being merely a
> of shorthand or a verbose cipher. These words are definately linked.
> The fact that t or p begin a word very infrequently also leads me to
> these are key points in the text.
> I would like to hear opinions on this. This looks very interesting.
> Jeff
> P.S. Sorry but I do not have the page numbers in the sample file.

And this on F3v.p

Note here two consecutive lines both containing tchor. The first word has
"characters" sh & o transposed. The words shockho & chodair start with the
fixed h and the transposed s/c combination. As these lines occur
consecutively within the text, I suggest that they are worthy of more
scrutiny. These maybe a direct checkpoint for the decoder.


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