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Re: VMs: Rosettes Folio in Color

	I'm pretty sure that this is from 

104.Smyth, Frank. ``The uncrackable code.'' The
Unexplained, no date [1982?], pp. 1418-1420. [Not seen.
Both Smyth papers well written and illustrated,
according to Denis Mardle.] 

105.Smyth, Frank. ``A script full of secrets'' and
``The uncrackable code,'' reprinted in Mysteries of
Mind, Space & Time:  The Unexplained, pp. 3062-3069.
Westport, Connecticut: H. S. Stuttman, Inc., 1992.
[Originally published in The
Unexplained in the UK. Has color images of f16v, f17r,
f33v, f34r, f68r1, f69r, the bottom six of the nine
rosettes in f85/86, f83v, f84r, and a detail of f78r.] 

	I've got the #105 somewhere; it has the bottom six
rosettes as you said.  I think Nick Pelling scanned the
one you got.


Robert Teague wrote:
> Wandering around the Web tonight, I came across a page
> with all the color folios available.  The only one I hadn't
> already collected was the 'rosettes' folio, so I saved it.
> It has the lower six rosettes, and about a third of the upper
> three.  There isn't much color on it, but it may be useful
> to some (Nick?).
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