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Re: VMs: 'Astrology' section parallel?

Hi everyone,

At 23:21 21/11/2003 -0500, Tim Ackerson wrote:
Not having had the time to go through the old VMS archives (so forgive me if this has been put forth before), has anybody noticed that the so-called 'Astrology' section (f70 to f73) has a strong resemblance to something called a " computus " ?
(I humbly offer a cut-and-paste link to an example.)


This manuscript, which features an astronomical diagram of the planets encircling the earth, is a computus, or text designed to facilitate calendrical calculations. The geocentric diagram is included to provide theoretical context for the practical exercises.

Computus. Germany, ca. 1438.

If you re-read the above paragraph, you'll see that it's the *manuscript* that's the computus, not the diagram. Worse still, while the "astrological" diagrams superficially look like volvelles, they seem to have no art historical link with volvelles. IMO, they are probably either purely decorative (with the basic idea copied from Padua) or contain some subtly-encoded 30-character cipher keys. Or both. Who knows? :-o

BTW, here's Tim Ackerson's web-page on the VMs-as-Welsh, which were mentioned on-list before:-

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling.....

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