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Re: VMs: A passing thought

Nick Pelling wrote:
> Restricting your argument to one direction only (ie, either [from text to
> plausible model] or [from plausible model to similar text]) will not give
> you any kind of proof... for proof, you will have to "close the loop". Yes,
> I know that's always going to be hard to achieve - why do you think that
> no-one here has managed it yet? It's certainly not for lack of trying. :-o

	Just to muddy the waters a bit ...  A lot of us have
focused on how to form and explain Voynichese "words". 
Ultimately we'll also have to look at the *syntax*, the
arrangement of words.  Gabriel Landini and Mark Perakh
have looked at this in detail and it's definitely
there.  Its relation to natural languages is uncertain
too.  Something else to consider.

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