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Re: VMs: Slightly modified VMS generator output

Rene Zandbergen r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx wrote

> Hello Jeff,
> If the two texts, which are completely different,
> are generated by a minor tweaking of a similar
> algorithm, then, again, I think you are working
> on a chaotic system. One property of such systems
> is that you can't tweak them and hope to converge
> on a solution.
> On the other hand, I get the impression that
> you are looking at a method for translating
> plain text to Voynichese, rather than the other
> way around, and that is of course a good approach.
> I see others looking at the VMs text and trying
> to figure out how such a text could have been
> generated. That is the same thing.
> Attempts to look for a decoding algorithm (how
> to translate Voynichese to Plain Text) may
> come up with impossible answers, such as was the
> case for Newbold.
> Cheers, Rene

Don't worry I've sorted it. It's not at all a chaotic system. IT'S SO
SIMPLE! I can generate Voynichese at will. When you see it you will kick

I now firmly believe that the VMS is an artificially generated language. The
tables are so simple in construction that anyone could use it. I will be
getting together all the data and will put it on the web so everyone on the
list can see it.


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