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RE: VMs: Artificial voynich - Its time to put up !!!!

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> From: 	Jeff
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> Sent: 	Thursday, December 4, 2003 10:42 AM
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> Subject: The Artificial VMS has a value and a purpose.
> The sort of gammar that Jeff is devising loks to me like a computer generated tranformational grammar.  The joke about those was that one could generate a sentence like "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."  In short, one would need to take semantics into consideration to get the grammar right.  Nonetheless, the VMS obviously deviates from normal patterns of paleography, it has a sort of grammar, we will need to compare the VMS grammar with the grammar of the underlying language or code.  The work is valuable.  Why discourage him?
> Jim Comegys 
> Nick Pelling incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Dear Adam,
> >
> > Initially, Jeff's approach used one table per EVA letter (which, given
> that
> > EVA is a modern stroke transcription retrofitted to Voynichese, seemed
> > somewhat likely to be wide of the mark).
> >
> > More recently, he has refined this to add attributes to letters that only
> > allow them to appear in certain positions (ie, at word-start, word-middle,
> > or word-end).
> >
> > This is, as you suspect, a method of generating VMs-like text using a
> > pre-decided set of language-like statistics (in his case, those implicit
> in
> > an (unnamed) Italian plaintext). The more rules and filters he applies,
> the
> > more it will resemble Voynichese - but the pay-off per additional rule
> will
> > rapidly diminish. Naturally, at no stage will it be Voynichese. :-(
> >
> > Jeff also adds:-
> > "It also has links to tag the same for triplets [by] having each
> > pair link to a list of following letters, also marked with the
> > flags for initiating a word, continuing a word or ending a word.
> > It is quite a compact table."
> >
> > This sounds like yet more adjacency rules to filter out bad-looking
> > "sentences" (by hacking word-final-to-word-start transitions). So many
> > rules, so little pay-off! :-(
> >
> > Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
> >
> Correction! The statistics are ALL derived from EVA and not an Italian plain
> text. YOU HAVE ALL misunderstood what I have done. Remember Jon Grove's
> attempt at encoding genesis? Well I have gone the other way. I have mapped
> all the routes through the EVA for valid combination sequences. So Nick?
> What do you say now?
> Jeff
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