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Re: Re: Sagittarius, was: VMs: Costamagna and abbreviation...

Hi Rafal,

Thanks for the encouragement and for the woodblock 

> Yes - I can't find it now but it was a woodblock 
> "children of planets", a common topic in 15th/16th c.
> astrological art. But there was no Sagittarius with 
> - it was a crossbow man who looked much like "our" 
> (which makes a difference). 

I found an intriguing astronomical reference to 
Sagittarius where Argentinian astronomer Juan C. 
Gutierrez writes:

"En los antiguos atlas celestes se lo representaba 
como un centauro con una ballesta. "
("In the ancient celestial atlases it used to be depicted 
as a centaurus with a crossbow.")

It is in fact that statement which got me searching for 
such atlases - fascinating subject, by the way.

Thanks again,


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