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Re: VMs: Switching point

Larry Roux lroux@xxxxxxx Wrote
Sent: 07 December 2003 01:50
Subject: Re: VMs: Switching point

> My character frequency counts are at
> http://web.syr.edu/~lroux/
> f2v, f2r and f3v have very similar stats.  F4r has different stats, then
we go back to the other stas for a bit

> >>> jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12/06/03 18:55 PM >>>
> Just a note to let the list know an item of interest. The two lines below,
> which I have posted before and which Rene commented on are a switching
> of some sort. That is why the start words seem to reflect each others
> structure. Can anyone tell me if the statistics alter in any way from this
> point? I am interested in the differences between pages 1-3 and maybe 4-6.
> If that makes sense. I don't have the tools here and am curious to see if
> they do.
> These are taken from F3r.p. So it is quite early in the MS.
> tsheoarom.shor.or.chor.olchsy.chom.otchom.oporar
> pcheoldom.shodaiin.qopchor.qopol.opchol.qoty.otolom

Having looked at the stats on your site I come to a very interesting
conclusion. Either the method to hide or encipher the text was easily
modified or that these markers indicate a change in language. What I will
try to do now is to break down the table I produced by section to see which
links change. This will give some sort of clue but may take me a while. When
I get the results I will put then in the george boole site.


BTW One could assume that maybe the first 3 pages were say in Italian and
the next few in Latin. Maybe the other way round? Just a guess.

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