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Re: VMs: The big shock

Strong's letters contain a number of interesting references relating to the events surrounding his investigation and research of the Voynich Manuscript. There are quite a few individuals who corresponded with Strong whom I had not known about before.
Here are some of the letters that may be of interest.
Erla Rodakiewicz:
David Kahn:
Jim Gillogly:
Dana Scott
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Nick Pelling wrote:
> I also (probably like several others here) have scans of Strong's 1945
> worksheets on f78r (bet-01.gif ... bet-13.gif, etc), but can't seem to find
> these on the Internet to give a link to. Does anyone know if these are
> mirrored anywhere?

Here are Strong's letters, which Martin McCarthy put
up.  I'm not familiar
with Strong's stuff - nor am I impressed with it.


FWIW.  Here's a page in Czech that I don't think I've
seen before - not that
I know Czech.  ;-)


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