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VMs: Re: Tranchedino - request for help + silly idea

* Help:
I will try to post the whole book, but please help me. I can't read VMS nor
EVA. I've studied a lot of literature "around" the VMS but have never spent
much time "with" the VMS itself. So I'm not qualified to look for
similarities between Tranchedino and VMS.

I know some of you know every VMS character by heart, and I hope *you* will
look for similarities. If you find an interesting page of Tranchedino, then
post it here, and I will make an even better scan of that page. I can keep
the book for at least three weeks.

* Question:
Is the download speed acceptable? Does the decryption work?

* Silly idea:
I got a silly idea while reading the book on Papal cryptography (I'll post
that one, once I can borrow a good digital camera). Suppose only two
characters out of the whole VMS character set are relevant, and the rest is
just nulls. I have seen an example of such a code from the Vatican. Would we
have detected this?

Thanks, Petr

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