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VMs: Connection Text-Drawings


I have to mildly protest :-)

IMHO, we do not have to assume that a connection between text and
drawings necessarily exists. To illustrate what I'm talking about:

Let us suppose someone wanted to create a mysteriously looking 
document in order to squeeze some money out of a wealthy collector.
In that case, the unknown author would probably try to find a way of
generating some language look-alike gibberish, and finally garnish it
with some pictures he finds suited to awaken the interest of his
potential buyer.

Of course I realize that the "generating some language look-alike gibberish"
bit is non-trivial :-) Personally, I assume the VMS is based on some sort
of one-way mapping that renders the source text completely unintelligible
while keeping some of the structural properties. 

So, how could one prove the VMS is a hoax of the described type? Probably
not at all. But it might help to sketch an algorithm capable of generating
VMS-like output from, say, the Vulgate or any medieval Latin text, and still 
simple enough to be applied easily. And by saying "easily" I would like to exclude
anything based on a myriad of tables ...

What I'm looking for is a method that can be used in one pass (by the trained)
to build Voynichese from scratch, if you have your source text in front of you.



vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 09.12.03 15:10:11:


I feel your pain. Just when you start to see patterns
and can sense order you wind up farther back than where
you started. I do agree, however, with your assessment
about Strong and GC, and your reference to Strong's
letter about Dee was interesting.


With respect to the solution guidlines: should we make
it a requirement that any solution for a page or
paragraphs reasonably relate to any drawings on the
page. I would imagine that some leeway could exist for
marginal "doodles" or sketches, but I would think there
needs to be some connection with the more identifiable
pictures such as zodiac signs and plants. 


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