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Re: VMs: The gloomy perspective solution guidlines

matt welnicki welnicki@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote
09 December 2003 14:06

> Jeff,
> I feel your pain.  Just when you start to see patterns
> and can sense order you wind up farther back than where
> you started.  I do agree, however, with your assessment
> about Strong and GC, and your reference to Strong's
> letter about Dee was interesting.

I haven't gone backwards I am just tired of it for now. I don't know Italian
so anything else I attempt would be wild guesses. No one on this list would
argue if they saw what I was seeing. And I would have completely missed it
if I hadn't had a couple of replies from list members.

I think if I am on the right track, and also right about other assumptions,
then GC should get the lion's share of the credit. If he hadn't mentioned
what he did in one of his last emails I would have passed it by.

Assuming this is all right of course. :-)


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