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Re: VMs: Gallows mega-theory...

Hi everyone,

The vertical line of letters on the left of f76r look like a "vertical key" for the first paragraph (they stop before the second paragraph begins). Similarly, the vertical column on f66r may also be a vertical key (though it continues across both paragraphs there). Perhaps these were accidentally omitted by the scribe, and so had to be filled in afterwards?

One other thought: the last letter (or pair of letters) on each line may be a separate way of coding additional information about the line. On several pages, many lines' last letters seems somewhat "out of sequence" - f66r springs to mind here. In the "recipe" section, this pattern often seems to change from paragraph to paragraph. In f115r, for example:-

	para	end-of-line letters are...
	------	-----------------------------
	P1	OK
	P2	strange
	P3	OK
	P4	strange
	P5	mixed
	P6	OK
	P7	OK
	P8	OK
	P9	mixed
	P10	OK
	P11	mixed
	P12	OK
	P13	mixed

Might it be that some detail of the star attached to an individual paragraph indicates whether the vertical key for that paragraph is hidden at the start or at the end of the lines? Or perhaps to do with the gallows starting the paragraph? Something to think about, anyway... :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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