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VMs: Re: Note for Jeff

Thanks Robert. I have already seen the site and in fact that was what
started me off in this direction. I honestly have no idea what I might do on
the VMS from here on. I get the nagging feeling that either I am in the
right direction as far as the cipher goes or that it is artificial. Only one
of those two choices. If I am right about it being artificial, then the way
it was done will almost certainly deny any proof of the fact. If it IS
enciphered then a lot of detailed structural analysis of the text is needed.
Probably far too much for me to take on with all the other stuff I need to
sort out.

It really needs a team effort. That is one thing you rarely find amongst
those with differing views or theories.

But good luck everyone.


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> Jeff--
> I want to call your attention to:
> http://mysite.freeserve.com/philipneal/voynich/voypage.html
> if you hadn't already seen it, as I have this hunch you might
> find the information useful in your research, especially the
> order of the substitution letters.
> Robert

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