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Re: VMs: Updates?

Hi Robert,

At 19:54 16/12/2003 -0500, Robert Teague wrote:
It's been a while since these subjects were broached, so I thought
I'd ask what's new--

What about the Mini-Conference?

I've been somewhat distracted with my dissertation lately (no great surprise there) but hope to start arranging this in the New Year, hopefully at the Warburg. One major option is to approach funding bodies (like the British Academy) which specialise in backing long-term collaborative arrangements (especially meetings and small conferences) between networks of international scholars (which is what we essentially are).

FWIW, I think that we already do a pretty good job of collaborating, so the point of such a conference could well be to try to move VMs research a bit closer to the academic mainstream - so it would probably need sufficient funding to invite one or two well-regarded scholars (Nancy Siraisi? Charles Burnett? Monica Azzolini? etc) as well as to fly in some of our old friends (I'd certainly like to meet GC / Jim R / Jim G, for example).

In the meantime, Brit listmembers might also meet one afternoon/evening over the Christmas holiday and have a quiet chat over a pint or two. That's a good option too. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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