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Re: VMs: Detecting "hands" automatically

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

Can you tell me which file you used? This is
very important.

It is a reformatted version of the Currier ("C") transcription lines from the "intrln17.evt" interlinear file. I have been using it for a while so it may be a little out of date.

Did you have only 145 pages, or did you select only 145 pages?

Only 145 of the pages were identified as A or B in my transcription file - there were 8 others with no hand (language) identification

Does the algorithm tell you in the end whether the
number (2) was a good choice or not?

No, it doesn't do that. You could probably get some idea by running it for different numbers of clusters and checking the numbers of members in the resulting clusters and/or the dispersion of points from the cluster centers. Of course, the more clusters you allow the lower the dispersion will be, so I think it's a kind of a judgement call.



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