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VMs: Fw: Three frequency tables

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From: "Jeff" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: 19 December 2003 20:15
Subject: Re: Three frequency tables

> Jacques Guy jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote
> 19 December 2003 06:25
> Subject: VMs: Three frequency tables
> >
> > The same as you have seen, but calculated on something I encrypted.
> > The encrypted text consists of 3256 words separated by spaces.
> > The word breaks have been ignored when counting the frequencies.
> >
> > What do you think?
> >
> >

Sorry this line should have read 'I assume from the marked horizontal for
'o' in fq.txt ....'

> I assume from the marked horizontal for 'o' in fq2.txt that you might be
> using voynich patterns to encipher. Is this right or did it just happen
> way? However, the column values for o do not have a similar enough
> distinction in my opinion.
> However the falloff to the bottom of table fq2.txt is definately a feature
> of the VMS. The lack of definition for 'o' might be a feature of the
> plaintext language used, pattern order selection or not enough text with
> similar enough characteristics. It is however definitely going in the
> direction. Don't you think?
> Jeff

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