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Re: VMs: Re: German bits in the VM?

Hello Elmar,
Perhaps the three lines which might include German are those on f116v.
Dana Scott
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From: Elmar Vogt
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Subject: Re: VMs: Re: German bits in the VM?

> Hello Elmar,

> Welcome to the Voynich discussion group. I believe that the line written
> at the top of f17r (above the manuscript text) was thought to possibly
> have been written in German (ref. Brumbaugh).

Hei Dana,

Hm, I checked it out... this line is probably not of much use, since it's
hard to tell whether it's an integral part of the book, or a marginal note
added later on...

Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that there were "three lines of German" in a
paragraph of Voynichese?

And what about the "key"? Some latin phrase, translating to "I have been
given many doors" on the last page? I checked but couldn't find any
decipherable (ha!) latin letters there.

If this is truly a hoax, that'd be the best thing, because then the riddle
would never end...



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