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VMs: Folio 68r3

I would like to point out that Robert Teague already made a supposition
regarding the wavy line from the moon to the Pleiades, see below:

"By the number correspondences, the word over the Moon's right eye is 1615,
and on 30 Dec 1615 I found that exact configuration. The wavy line from the
Moon to the Pleiades means the Moon occulted them the next night."

In addition to what Robert has found I've also, probabily, made some more
consideration on this particular folio, I've noticed in fact that the moon
really cross over the Pleiades and occult them.

Regarding the configuration I finally arrive at this conclusion:

North Ovest Quadrant: Pleiades(are not a constellation) and the lone star
Aldebaran ( that belong to the Taurus)

SOUTH EST Quadrant The 3 stars: Trianguli Constellation

SOUTH WEST Quadrant The Four Stars: ARIES

NORTH EST Quadrant: MIRPHAK and ALGOL of the Perseus constellation.

It is interesting that if you rotate the folio f68r of 90° counter clockwise
than you will obtain the same sky map.

I'm also of the opinion that the other four quadrants, composed by 16, 18,
14 and 11 stars represents the entire cosmos.

Any other suggestion will be appreciated.

Regards ANd Merry Xmas to everybody on the Mailing list.

David Bianchi

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--- Larry Roux <LRoux@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> It *is* interesting that there is 1 star in a
> quadrant, 2 in another, 3 in another and 4 in the
> last (if you ignore the Pleiades)
> I don't think that is coincidental.

Fully agreed.
But then: together they are ten. With the
Pleiades label and the label of the wavy line
(which by itself is rather odd, and has not
been commented on very much) that gives us twelve
label words again. That could also be a key to
understanding this figure.

Cheers, Rene

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