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Re: VMs: left & right word entropy

On Wed, 24 Dec 2003, Akinori Ito wrote:
> I feel that this phenomenon (left entropy=right entropy) must be explained
> with the fact that VMS has more than two times as many distinct words as English.

About this last point:

lets play, there exists a "voynichese" word OLADABAS,
with root "lad" or "lada",
meaning "loaded", "accented", maybe even something to do with "Latin"

Anyway, in the word we can see a lot of pre- and suffixes - these can change 
anytime... ading "possible" words

More, the letters of VMS are probably "imported" and don't reflect the real 
A-B-C of "voynichese" language. So, the people do not care very much, is it 
written "olodabas", " oladbas", "olodobos", maybe more. And the poor scientist 
500 years later believes, these all are different words...

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