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Re: VMs: left & right word entropy

On Tuesday 23 Dec 2003 8:38 pm, Jacques Guy wrote:
> Can you think of any word at all in Latin that
> calls for a particular word preceding it or following it?
> Or even a small set of particular words?

It is difficult for me to argue because I do not know latin, but can the word 
"et" appear a at the end of a sentence?

And in Japanese the "desu ka" whould be appearing in paire quite often. 
Same with "xxxx no ue ni" (on top of) but never in reverse.
I know that Japanese is quite rigid in this sense, what about Chinese?

> It MIGHT tell us that word-order is free. 
Ok, I will change the question then. Is the right-left entropy a good measure 
of order in the text?
Has this been done in many other texts?



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