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VMs: Research Note: The Alphabet Table on f1r

I've spent several hours using both Photoshop and PhotoFinish
to enhance f1r and bring out details of the alphabet table found

My thanks to Dennis, who sent me a better copy than the one
from the Japanese site.

I will probably do some more work on it, but I wanted to give
my results so far. I could, of course, be fooling myself, seeing
letters in what are actually copy artifacts, but that's never stopped
me before. : )

Jim Reeds notes are included for comparison:

Reeds            Teague
a    d              a    s
b                    b    a
c    r               c    r
.                    d    f
.                    e
.                    .
.                    g
.                    h
.                    .
.                    .
.                    .
.                    .
.                    .
.                    .
o                   o    y
p                   p    q
q    \              q
r    gallows     r
s    /               s    cKh
.                    t
.                    u
.                    .
.                    .
.                    x
y    g             y    g
z                   .


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