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Re: VMs: nim garmich

Mart Vabar wrote:

about the sentence "valsch vbrey so nim garmich"

Garmich is a place in Germany, look pics at

Well, actually the correct name for the town is "Garmisch" nowadays (some touri information available on www.garmisch.de), "Germareskauue" (sic) back in 802, when the town was mentioned first in a document.

So it's not 100% sure what the spelling would have been during the time of creation of the VMS, but I doubt that the "s" towards the end would have been lost and reintroduced later.

While we're at it, "Germ" is an old term for yeast. (Probably related to english "germ"). So, perhaps the sequence should read "... so nim germich ...", or "so take yeasted (something)". Maybe we're on the track of a donut recipe...? ;-)



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