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Re: VMs: Voynechese as musical notation

	Greeting, Suzy and Karsten!  We're glad to have you. 
As Dana said, everyone contributes something, and you
already have.  

	I don't think I've seen Voynichese as music, although
Voynichese as poetry has come up, I think due to the
apparent structure of lines and the occasional
appearance of rhyme.  

	The obvious question would be: what was musical
notation like around 1450-1500?   I really don't know. 
Perhaps some other folks do.  If not, you could
profitably search the Internet for this.  As someone
already said, search engines are your friend, use them.

	I remember an artificial language name Solresol, based
on musical notation, but I'm pretty sure this came much

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