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VMs: Update on the Alphabet Table on f1r

I've done everything I can think of to the two copies
of the folio I have, and here are the results (Reeds
included for comparison):

Reeds            Teague

a    d              a    s
b                    b
c                    c    r
.                    d    f
.                    e
.                    .
.                    g
.                    h
.                    .
.                    j
.                    k
.                    .
.                    .
.                    .
o                  o    y
p                  p    q
q     \            q
r    gallows    .
s    /              s
.                    t    e
.                    u
.                    .
.                    .
.                    x
y    g             y    g
z                   .

Is there a color version of this folio I can get?

Robert Teague

"Okay, that's it. I'm calling the Mother Ship."

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