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Re: VMs: French Website

Robert Teague wrote:
> http://voynich.free.fr/
> Has a huge (~460 page) manuscript about the VMs in PDF
> format. But I don't read French, and my translator program
> doesn't do PDF. : (

	This is Antoine Casanova's doctoral thesis of 1999 on
the VMs.  I'm not sure this site has the final version
(19 march 1999).  I looked at it briefly.  He did a lot
of work, much of which I didn't follow.  His conclusion
was that the VMs is in four to six artificial
languages, which I find hard to believe.  Stolfi looked
at his methods more than I did.  He analyzed word
structure and generally confirmed the tripartite
structure we've all seen.  There's a lot more than

	If you wish to contact him, I think he was on the list
as recently as 2002; look in the archives.  

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