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Re: VMs: Arabic

--- Bruce Grant <bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In other places where a doubled letter occurs, the
> script apparently 
> uses a symbol called "shadda" which is written above
> a single copy of 
> the letter, and is apparently often ommitted..
> (At least, that's how they explain it in my copy of
> "Teach Yourself  Arabic".)

About this book, I wonder if you have understood
the phrase on p.22 and which has mystified me
ever since I bought it (many years ago):

  Letters, when used as numbers, follow the order
  of the Hebrew alphabet, those peculiar to Arabic
  coming last, they represent the units, tens,
  hundreds, and a thousand. They are divided into
  these Barbarous words: _
  <List of barbarous words in aArabic script omitted>

The principle is clear, this is how numbers are
(were?) written also in Greek: iota-beta = 12,
a number occurring often in astronimical works.

But what about these barabarous words??

Cheers, Rene

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