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Re: VMs: digital imaging project

Jim Gillogly wrote:
> For the digital imaging project, I think we wait until we have a
> volunteer who has good academic or professional credentials to show
> the Beinecke Library and preferably who is local enough to meet with
> them face-to-face.  My preference is for carefully and accurately
> digitized information, and for this we'd need to know whom the
> Beinecke would authorize to do the work.  I see from Luna Imaging's
> web page that the Beinecke is one of their clients.
> (http://www.lunaimaging.com/community/clients.html) so I assume
> they are one choice if they can be reinvigorated on the project.

	This has always been our problem.  The VMs does not
fit into 
any well-defined scholarly niche, so the academic
community doesn't 
get interested or financed.  Also, the VMs really
requires a multi-
disciplinary approach, and academia isn't good at
that.  If we wait 
for a volunteer who'd impress Yale, we might wait a
long time -- 
as in fact we already have!  

	Perhaps better would be to demonstrate the general
interest in 
the VMs from the number of publications, TV shows, and
Internet sites 
devoted to it.  It's too bad Jim Reeds isn't keeping up
his biblio anymore.  
Giving a list of such things to a commercial sponsor
who'd want to 
publish  the VMs might work better.  Which leads to my
next point...

> Dennis suggests that Octavo would be another good choice -- they
> list a number of partners at http://octavo.com/octavo/partners/index.html
> but the Beinecke is not on that page.  Still, they do good work and
> it's worth asking Beinecke whether they would be acceptable -- would
> it make sense to approach Octavo again before asking Beinecke?  I certainly
> wouldn't mind having two suppliers that we could compare before paying.

	What's really good about Octavo is that they are
precisely in 
the business of publishing rare, little-known
manuscripts; thus this 
is right up their alley.  Some years back they told me
they were 
negotiating with Yale for intellectual property rights,
but such 
things take time.  

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