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VMs: Re: Voynich Wikis

Hail to the list.

Effective collaboration and information archival is tough to pull off.  The
person that invents the perfect solution to integrate
databases/documents/images/email/fax/voice/logs/etc will become the richest
person in the world.  :->

I think the proposed solution of a wiki is not a bad idea, and, as I
mentioned earlier, I would be happy to offer my assistance.

If the list is seriously interested in using a wiki as a collaboration
mechanism, then I would like to propose we start moving forward.  Here would
be the steps involved:

1. Finding a good wiki (very hard, see my research notes below).
2. Finding a server to host it with enough drive space/bandwidth (any
3. Find someone to be in charge of it (moderators, maintainers, etc).
4. Getting people to start putting stuff in it.
5. Consider integrating e-list with wiki (generally not hard to do).

Ok, I have done some research on various Wikis.  None of the ones we use at
work seem to fit the need here.  I am looking for a wiki with the following

1. Simple authoring and formatting mark-up.
2. Images and file attachments.
3. Searching.
4. Account required to post changes (public read only).

Strangely, it was very hard to find an open source implementation that had
direct support for file uploads/image attachments.  Now, these are my
requirements based on my vague understanding of the list's requirements.
They were general guidelines.  Let me know if there are any important
features I missed.


A mature product.
Supports images and files.
Formatting syntax is very flexible.
Supports searching.
Very complete help.

Formatting syntax is very ugly.
Written in Python which may make it hard to host on some servers.
Authentication is very new and may not be complete yet.
I am not confident that this solution will perform well with enormous


Well, I was hoping to have more to list, but I just cannot find any open
source wikis that support image uploads.  Unfortunately, there are so many
wikis, that I may have missed a really good one.  Let me know.

Ted Young

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