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Re: VMs: It Pays To Ask

Jim Gillogly wrote:
> DANA SCOTT wrote:
> > And the bottom line is....
> > The Library can provide a copy of the digital scan for $20 or a copy of the existing color transparency for $90.  All requests must be prepaid by check, Visa or MasterCard.  If paying by credit card, please include the expiration date. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after the Library receives payment.
> Cool.  When you order it, or if you write back, could you find out what
> you are allowed to do with it?  You might ask, for example, whether you
> may make it available to other researchers.

	Great!  Also, I wonder whether they have color
transparencies for the 
whole VMs.  We should certainly ask.  That would be
about US$ 4600 for the 
whole thing.  

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