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Re: VMs: Books on Czech cryptography

Hi Petr,

At 18:25 16/01/2004 +0100, you wrote:
I got an answer from the Prague University!
> * Kaspar, J.: Soubor stati o novovekem pismu. Praha, Karolinum 1993.
>   ISBN 80-7066-679-X. str. 177-209 (kapitola: Tajna pisma v novoveku).

OK, let's see what I can find out about this author, despite being unable to speak a word of Czech.... searching for the title gives us... Jaroslav Kaspar... and here's a copy offered by a German book import company, for under 13 Euros :-)

KASPAR, Jaroslav: Soubor stati o novovekem pismu. Prag, KAROLINUM, 1993. ISBN 80- 7066-679-X. 213 S. Faksim. Kt. , 12,78 Euro
Res. in Dt.: Komplex der Abhandlungen über die Schrift der Neuzeit.

Possibly the same palaeography student/teacher listed here?

> * Huttenhain, E.: Die Geheimschriften der Furstbistums Munster unter
>   Christoph Bernhard von Gallen 1650-1678. Munster 1974.

This one's a little bit easier, as the British Library has a copy (if you guess that it should be "Huettenhain"), other libraries might have one too...

Title: Die Geheimschriften des Fu¨rstbistums Mu¨nster unter Christoph Bernhard von Galen 1650-1678 ... [Edited and with introductory matter by] Erich Hu¨ttenhain.
Main heading: MUNSTER [Westphalia], Diocese of. Christopher Bernard [von Galen], Prince-Bishop. [1650-78.]
Additional headings: HUETTENHAIN. Erich
Series: (Schriften der Historischen Kommission Westfalens. no. 9.)
Publication details: Mu¨nster: Verlag Aschendorff, 1974. pp. 101. 23 cm.
Shelfmark: Ac.7123.e/3.


Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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