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VMs: A potted view

If we start from a point where we compound all we can think of into single
glyphs, then remove what we determine to be verbose, we are not left with
much. Word forms shorten drastically.

In the case of abbreviation we can now consider whether or not some words
were written backwards and others forwards. Whether or not alphabetic letter
sorting has been applied to some degree. The author could easily have
applied all of these in a disciplined and systematic way that he could
easily decipher.

However all this effort would mean that the contents were either so secret
or controversial that such security was needed.

To determine what would be so dangerous or exclusive to the author we can
then try to work out from the diagrams what this was. We could contemplate
an sun centred view of the solar system which went against church doctrine.
Then what of the plants?

Alternatively a new radical form of medicine using plants normally regarded
as being linked to witchcraft or sorcery. This also may be the reason why
plant identification is so difficult. The author knew that the plants he was
identifying would lead him into dangerous territory.

It may also be a trade document from a voyage to a new part of the world.
Documented by an explorer with an artist in tow. The contents would mean an
advantage and much wealth to those reaping the trade benefits.

However we look at it there has to be a reason for this secrecy that was not
merely political. Maybe a personal safeguard or for wealth creation. Trade
secrets have always been closely guarded.


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