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Re: VMs: Books on Czech cryptography

PK#01 wrote:

> Or maybe Rafal could see if he can get them in Poland?

I will certainly check if they have these in the libraries here.

> > * Kaspar, J.: Soubor stati o novovekem pismu. Praha, Karolinum 1993.
> >   ISBN 80-7066-679-X. str. 177-209 (kapitola: Tajna pisma v novoveku).
> > * Kaspar, J.: Prispevek k reseni tajneho pisma ze 17. stoleti.
> >   Acta Universitatis Carolinae 1963, Phil. et historica 5, s. 95-107.

Both of the above refer to the 17th c. or later ("v novoveku" =
"in modern times") so may not be relevant.

> > * Ryba, B.: K tajnemu pismu v listech Husovych.
> >   Sbornik historicky 1, 1953, s. 56-52.

This one looks interesting - especially as it apparently
should be read backwards :-)   (sorry, I couldn't help)

Best regards,

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