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VMs: My case for Porta being the author

He was a man that loved studying. He wrote on metals, secret writing, nature
and he speculated on how to create new plants and animals. Optics was a
great interest and he claimed to have invented the telescope. So maybe he
even did a little start gazing.

He wrote on how women could beautify themselves with hair dyes and the like.

Maybe the strange plants in the VMS are his theories of what you might get
when crossing plant species.

The motive? Well having been within an inch of his life with the inquisition
I'd say that was a good enough motive to intellectually attack those in
authority. He was only rescued from them by a patron. Any other man would be
tortured or killed. They cut off his ability to publish, which to a man
devoted to study would have been infuriating. If the Rudolph he met with was
the same Rudolph associted with John Dee then what better way to needle the
establishment. To tie them up in knots trying to read an undecipherable
text. I do not believe it was beyond his capabilities. He mixed in the
highest circles where cryptography was made.

I see him as the George Boole of his time. He even tried squaring the
circle. What a great thing it would be if he did it. I'm rooting for him.


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