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Re: VMs: Three frequency tables


 Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 00:40:41 -0600
 From: Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Three frequency tables
 steve ekwall wrote:
 >  The VMS is a polymorphic alphabetic cipher. There is a difference.

while i don't think I  wrote the above, I KNOW of what you speak....
i think 'Jeff' wrote/mentioned that "there is a difference"???
 	Do you mean, a series of simple substitution ciphers,
 and the 
 gallow signals the change, or a change to a mirror
 	I remember the Porta cipher slide, where, for
 A <--> L.  Is this what you're thinking of, with a
 mirror image?

*YES* I _mean_ BOTH !! 

That is simple substitution (A=Z) AND mirror (change Key) WHEN you 
encounter the _gallows_... as (A now can="A-WXYZ") etc.. 

That is:
[substitutions ciphers](vms) characters, ARE SIMPLY 1 for 1 STATIC

BUT (here is why IT's BOTH!),

The ~Trick~ of VMS is that "ON THE GALLOWS" you can pre-predict the 
next letter by placing the character (needed) on your KEY !!!
That is *IF* you don't encounter a c_GALLOWS_c character, then do 
FLIP/ROTATE your key etc... just follow it's _flow_ in decoding etc..
(that is: USE the ~lower case pointers~ for character etc..) 

*IF* if you DO encounter a c_gallows_c (figure/character)[and there 
are 4 to mirror to..] then FOLLOW that ~figure~ (positioning) to the 
postion of were you at (in coding or decoding) on the reverse side 
(mirrored) on your key.

D*rN you guy/gals are making this hard to explain in ascii - try this: 
touch you left ear, touch your right ear(I don't care what HAND you 
use)... NOW "LOOK" IN A MIRROR touch 
your left then touch your right ear etc.. SEEEEEEE???

1) the GALLOWS signal a change!
2) the c_gallows_c signal a FLIP of KEY!

It doesn'nt matter which SIDE of the Mirror your on!

best to all :-)
steve (simple as water (ouchEy))ekwall

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