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VMs: Scarcity of data

Have a look at this and see what you think. With combined EVA removed we
have a very strange pattern indeed. If these are change markers as Steve
Ekwell says then we have very little data left if they are removed. It is a
rolling pattern of syllable-like sequences but with very little


y sh e y.sh o d y. o k ch o y. o t ch o l. ch o cth y. o  s ch y. d a i n.
ch o r. k o s
x ch x x ch x x x  x x ch x x  x x ch x x  ch x ch  x  x  x ch x  x x x x
ch x x  x x x

y e y o d y o k o y o t o l o y o s y d a i n o r k o s


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