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VMs: Lining up letters

I have come to the conclusion that the EVA characters o, a & e are lined up
with the characters o, a & c of the latin alphabet respactively. So that as
well as giving other letters they can also represent themselves. I believe
this to be tilted especially in favour of the EVA letter o and is why the
count is so high for this letter.

The EVA letter a also has a relatively high count, although a lot less than
o. e representing the latin c would have a lower self representation anyway.
If a letter had lined up with e then an even higher peak would have been
seen and is probably why this does not happen.

I believe the various gallows combinations are indicators as to when to line
up each of the letters on the current row selected. If this happens to be at
a time when the current plaintext word has that letter in it then it will be
selected automatically and not switched for another glyph.

In principal I can see that this method would work quite well. However the
text may well be abbreviated in some way. If this is the case then I hold
out no hope of easily solving it using this method.

Anyone got a spare super computer in their garage? :-)


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