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Re: VMs: Spectral analysis

On Saturday 24 Jan 2004 12:06 am, Jeff wrote:
> Someone mentioned recently that 1/f could produce music that sounded
> interesting. Is there any information on this? Maybe I read it wrong as
> this is the constant low frequency background noise usually seen on
> analysis.

1/f noise has a spectral power inversely proportional to the frequency.
If one plots the log spectral power vs the log frequency, the plot tends to 
follow a line of slope -1 (so the answer to your question is, perhaps, "no" 
as there is contribution to the spectrum {although not equally} by all 
frequencies rather than low frequency only).

One interesting paradox is that If one plays 1/f noise forwards at different 
speeds, it always sounds the same.
The sound is similar to that of a large waterfall (in between white noise and 
"brown" noise). This is also sometimes called "pink noise".
There are plenty of references to this on the net.



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