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Re: VMs: Interesting site

At 01:26 25/01/2004 +0000, Jeff wrote:
A guy selling a collection on cryptography. Mentions the VMS. Also The
history of Italian cipher is mentioned.

Brown, R.L., ed. History of Italian Cipher. App. II, Vol. II, Calendar of
State Papers ... in Northern Italy. London, 1867, 4 pp.

Here's the page concerned...


        I am offering for sale my collection of more than 3,200 books,
        magazines, brochures, scrapbooks, and other printed matter
        on codes and ciphers, one of the largest and finest in private
        hands; and my collection of more than 24 American and
        foreign cipher machines,cipher devices and related items; plus...

        The collection, totaling thousands of items, occupies more than
        230 linear feet of shelf space and fills more than 11 office file
        drawers. It includes a number of antiquarian books including
        Trithemio,Ionne Steganographia,1621,in its original vellum
        binding; Porta, Ioan Baptista. De Furtivis Literarum Notis,vvlgo
        de Ziferis, libris iiii, 1563, 228 pp.;and Bazeries, Etienne.
        Les chiffres secrets devoiles 1901, 277 pp. ...

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