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Re: VMs: An idea

On Sunday 25 Jan 2004 12:52 am, Jeff wrote:
> You misunderstand what I am attempting to do. The numbers will indicate
> where the letters fall in relation to an attempt to decipher using the
> cylinder type decipherment. I could have chosen letters but there aren't
> 128 of them. Call them tokens instead.

You mentioned "spectral analysis" in your message and I replied concerning 
what you wrote:

> > the information graphically. Can anyone think of any other method that
> > might show up interesting patterns? Spectral analysis perhaps?

As I mentioned before, assigning numbers to symbols with the purpose of 
spectal analysis introduces artificial (non-existing) correlations and 

Now you say:
> Strings of numbers 1 to 3 digits
> long will stand in place of the assumed letters. These will then be
> analysed for entropy and whatever else can be used to see how the values
> change as different attempts are made. 

...but that is not spectral analysis...

> It would be like having a language  in a 128 letter alphabet.

You can do that already without having to use more symbols... the ASCII table 
has 256 characters.



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