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VMs: Great Listserve

I have been lurking on your list for about 6 months now and have sent one or two feeble comments in regards to some posts, but never really introduced myself. Seems like a good time to do so.

I am a technical writer and graphic designer. living in Ramona (near San Diego) California and I have too many hobbies...(oops wrong group)

My interest in cryptography was kindled when I joined the USAF early in life to become a communication analyst. Later on, I became interested in computers and in the budding PGP development program to bring privacy to the masses. I have always been interested in history though I tend to look for the quirks of history and out of place artifacts.

I am impressed by how persistent this group is and how polite the responses remain regardless of how unorthodox or un-referenced some of the ideas. There is a professional air that does not exclude newbies or divergent thinkers. Not very common in my experience.

I look forward to helping the effort in some small way in the future, if only life would slow down some.


Jeff Sheets

Jeff Sheets

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